da global logistics

About DA Global

Our Team's Experience

The team at DA Global offers the ideal combination of the highest level of freight and brokerage experience with personal service and attention to detail.

For over 20 years, Managing Director Dom Altobelli has consulted to a broad range of Australian businesses and government organisations, from large blue-chip household names to small businesses.

Our International Partnerships

DA Global has been very successful in establishing strong working and trusting relationships with other major national companies in Europe, India, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Americas.

We have worked both hard and successfully to establish this global network of partners. These partners are recruites under strict criteria, specifically based on their ability to provide the best service available in that area, their local expertise in customs brokerage, freight forwarding and project experience.

For the major part, all of our partners have their own equipment (trucks, cranes, barges, etc.). this attribute is particularly important in less developed countries where the immediate availability of such equipment can determine the successful outcome of a project.