da global logistics


DA Global offers a complete range of services that can be customised for each of our valued clients.

International Cargo Consoldation
If you have multiple suppliers in Europe, the USA or other parts of the world, we can arrange for your cargo to be picked up from each supplier as required. We can transport your cargo to a central distribution point and consolidate it into containers for shipment by either sea or air freight to Australia.

Freight Forwarding - Air and Sea
We offer worldwide freight forwarding for any equioment or product you need to import or export. Our experienced customs brokers and forwarders take care of all the documentation and clearing procedures as well as pay Customs and Excise duties on your behalf.

Major Project Coordination
Our involvement ranges from handling the delivery of a single item of major plant such as earthmoving or drilling equipment, to complete turnkey projects for process plant, oil drilling rigs or pwer generation modules.

Our experience in dealing with remote and difficult sites, demanding contract or project times is unequalled. Our experience includes numerous difficult assigments including the complete relocation of a major automotive manufacturing facility from Australia to India.

Feasibility Studies
We are frequently called upon to provide site surveys and detailed feasibility or preliminary "how-to-do-it" studies on behalf of principals. In recent years, we have assisted many Australian companies to pioneer export market opportunites in countries including Indonesia, China, Chile, India and the Philippines.

Customs Brokerage
DA Gloval is a licensed customs broker with all facets of the brokerage function covered by our vast array of services.

Tariff Concessions & Exemptions
DA Global is highly skilled in the interpretation of legal instruments and can reduce or remove duties and taxes on imported goods. This expertise exists for both the Australian system as well as familiarity with the systems in other nations with whom we trade.

Electronic Management and Reporting Systems
We have invested significantly in Information Technology so as to provide up-to-date status reports on shipments, deliveries and statutory compliances. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Website tracking facilities are also available.